FAIR GOLD with juffrouw dubois

Much less is known about the origin of gold than about the origin of clothing, coffee or chocolate, even though gold lasts most people a lifetime. It is time to put Fairtrade gold on the map.

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WE ARE ALL PLASTIC with merijn tinga


The soles of your shoes. Your glasses. Your clothing. If you take a look around you, whether it is at your laptop or tablet right now, at your room, or at your attire, it might not surprise you that there is such a thing as a “plastic soup.” Plastic is everywhere.

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A DEFENSE WALL FOR OUR HABITAT with ton van oostwaard

July 7, 2007. Ton van Oostwaard is stuck in traffic on the Parisian Boulevard Périphérique. The Al Gore-organized concert to increase environmental awareness Live Earth has just started. Just as Neil Armstrong saw from the moon that the earth was drying up, van Oostwaard saw air pollution playing out right before his eyes on this highway at this moment. The question occurred to him how emissions could be filtered right near the place where they were being given off, not encumbering neighboring buildings.

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